Freitag, 9. Dezember 2016

New UMi Z Likely to be First Phone with MediaTek X27

UMI Z should be the Last Flashship of UMI Brand Phone in 2016 as the UMI Official tell us that they are gonna to release the new phone UMI Z in the end of Dec.

Days ago, Mediatek unveil some new chipsets into the Helio family-new X23 and X27. And We have received information from a credible tipster that UMi will be among the first, if not the first, OEM to release a phone with the recently-announced MediaTek X27 CPU.

UMI Official tell that UMi Z will have 4GB of RAM (which frankly surprises us a bit considering their latest phone, the UMi Plus E, has 6GB of RAM), as well as 32GB of storage space and a 3780mAh battery. The battery size reduction (compared to 4,000mAh found on several recent UMi devices) tells us that UMi is focusing a bit more on design with the Z in order to have thinner profile. The UMi Super, Plus, and Plus E are all pretty thick thanks to the huge battery, so it looks like they’re backtracking on that a bit with the Z.
We also received a photo of the UMi Z which shows a design on the front similar to previous UMi devices, with a back design that is new to accommodate the dual-camera system. 
More information will be updated Soon

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